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We believe that true futures ready organisations require leaders who lean into potential futures with curiosity.

Imagining a range of potential futures and utilising a whole systems approach to designing organisations and communities is what drives us.

We believe hope is a fundamental basic human right.

Futures work helps individuals and teams have hope even for a future they can't see yet. 



Garry Reid | Director

I'm a dark horse. I have a diverse background including Sales, Logistics, Operations and Emergency Services. I draw on the depth and variety of this experience to provide value in developing your business.

I'm practical and analytical and I am passionate about helping you solve your business problems.

Katy Cooper | Founder

I'm an Evangelical Tasmanian.


I am obsessed with bringing people together to create a lasting and sustainable future for my family and every other Tasmanian. 

I am passionate about helping people with ideas bring their potential futures to life.
I'm a connector and a collaborator. I'm a fire starter. Don't keep wishing it might happen. Let me help you make it a reality.



Watch this space...

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