Level 5, 24 Davey Street

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Katy Cooper | Founder

I'm an Evangelical Tasmanian. I am obsessed with bringing people together to create a lasting and sustainable future for my family and every other Tasmanian. 
I am passionate about helping people with ideas bring them to life.
I'm a connector and a collaborator. I'm a fire starter. Don't keep wishing it might happen. Let me help you make it a reality.

Garry Reid | Principle

I'm a dark horse. I have a diverse background including Sales, Logistics, Operations and Emergency Services. I draw on the depth and variety of this experience to provide value in developing your business.

I'm practical and analytical and I am passionate about helping you solve your business problems.

I will challenge you to think differently about setting goals and creating momentum towards achieving them.



We grew up here. 

We left, just like many of us did in our twenties. 

We learnt heaps of cool things to share.

We came back, because this is home. 

And damned if we aren't going to shake things up and make Tassie the best state in the country.

Running a business is hard, especially doing it on your own.

We are committed to helping individual Tasmanians and Tasmanian businesses shift their thinking about individual success. By collaborating, to lift all of us to be the best we can be, we all benefit.

We call this our rising tide project.

We're focused on providing services that make a difference at an accessible price.