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It’s been bubbling away for years. You’ve always had IDEAs, I bet you've given a few away over the years too. Your an IDEAs person, it comes naturally to you.

What a terrible waste of your genius to have your IDEAs sitting on the someday shelf. It’s like throwing money away.

This program is designed to take your IDEA off that shelf and put it in the very firm HERE and NOW reality.


12 weeks (16th of September - 9th of December) with 1 month follow up check in.

During the 12 weeks you will begin IMMEDIATELY to bring your magnificent IDEA to life. We will work on FOCUS, CLARITY and DELIBERATE ACTION towards beginning your journey to making your magnificent IDEA a reality.

This is not a new business venture set up program. You will get to do all the necessary things you need to setup your idea and have it functional in whatever form suits it. eg, website, social pages, payment methods, online shop etc. but you’ve actually probably done most of those - you're just stuck at failure to launch.

The purpose of this program is that we gain MOMENTUM and CLARITY and TAKE ACTION on your idea.


You're committed to making NOW the time you finally take to bring your IDEA to life.

  • You're willing to take simple, terrifying ACTION from day one.

  • You're willing to apply relentless FOCUS and DISCIPLINE.

  • You're willing to commit to UNWAVERING SELF-BELIEF.

  • You're willing to drive your IDEA through INTUITIVE ACTION and not let your BRAIN get in your way.


  • 1.5 hour personal 1:1 session to understand you and your magnificent IDEA

  • Introduction work with the wider cohort in the private MASTERMIND group.

  • Weekly IDEAWORK activity posted in the MASTERMIND for you to complete and share back with the group online

  • Weekly MASTERMIND session with your cohort.

  • This session is vital to the program, during it we hold each other accountable and learn from what others are doing to implement their ideas. I will also talk through various topics that may be coming up for participants during the program

  • Half way checkpoint 1:1 to ensure you’re getting what you need to progress your IDEA

  • Christmas brag-ability session (approx 15th December) - MeetUp with your cohort to celebrate the progress on your IDEA

  • One month post MASTERMIND - MeetUp to talk about how the first month of your IDEA has progressed.

Optional: Accountability group - if having your cohort around to support you works for you - you can participate on an ongoing basis in the private group and on a monthly basis in a MeetUp.

COST: On application

Email me now for more information or to apply.

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