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Polly McGee joins SYNCHRONICITY 2018

SYNCHRONICITY 2018 | Speaker Announcement | Polly 波琳 McGee 麦

Polly McGee joins the line up for SYNCHRONICITY 2018 - Day 1.

Dr Polly McGee is an author, entrepreneur educator, start-up strategist and yogi. She has managed multimillion dollar innovation grants programs and worked with hundreds of start-ups to refine their business ideas and connect with their market.

She’s just launched her new book ‘The Good Hustle’.

As co-founder of Start-up Tasmania, Polly was voted one of the most influential people in Australian Start-ups, and continues to coach and advise heart-centred entrepreneurs so they can scale their impact in the world. As Director, Corporate Affairs in global edtech venture Prosper Education, Polly leads their people and culture, with Prosper being voted as one of the top 100 Cool Companies in Australia in 2018.

Polly is strongly committed to philanthropy, equality, compassion and the good hustle, and believes all of life's problems can be solved with yoga, meditation and patting retired greyhounds.

We are SO FREAKIN EXCITED to have her on board!

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